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SATOH Hirotaka Architects

Create new value by Design

SATOH Hirotaka

SATOH Hirotaka
  • CEO
  • The First Class Architect No.29557
  • Member of Architectural Institute of Japan(AIJ)
  • Member of Japan Institute of Architects(JIA)
  • Lecturer of Keio University


  • 1972 born in Hyogo Japan
  • 1996 Graduated Tokyo University Faculty of Architecture
  • 1998 completed the Master Course
  • 1998 joined Plantec Architects
  • 2001 established SATOH Hirotaka Architects


Creating new value through design

SATOH Hirotaka Architects is an architecture design firm based in Tokyo, Japan. We aim to realize excellent architecture and urban design.
We believe the meaning of design embraces not just form but also direction, goals, and the balance between cost, function, and other elements. Design means constructing new values and concepts.

Logical & Unique

Our design process is rigorously rational and logical: We never design something we can't explain.

Rational design may sound a lot like boring design, but our approach leads us to take a second, deeper look at what’s normally considered common sense. The result is an architecture that is at once logical and highly original.


We always challenge a new value creation based on a lot of experience in various fields.

And our projects win many prizes in all over the world.