leather carpet speaker 2 short

leather speaker tanned leather version

The tanned leather version of "leather-wrapped carpet speaker [short]" has been completed. (Prototype No. 6)


  • Speaker unit ALPAIRE7 v3
  • Cylinder length 300mm
  • Cylinder diameter φ=136mm
  • Enclosure Nume leather t=3.0mm
  • Base Stainless vibration t=3.0mm
Genuine leather roll

[Nume leather]

The previous work used black cow leather for home use, but this time it is for company use.

pre-made speaker

This time, I asked them to skim the back side to make it 3mm thick. In addition, the specifications of the internal sound absorbing material have also been changed.

Tanned leather is whitish and a little embarrassing at the moment, but it will turn a deep amber color over the next few years. I'm looking forward to the changes, including the aging of the speakers.