Yona Yona Party

On July 12th, we held the opening of the new office "Yona Yona Party".
In connection with the name of the place called "Cape of the Moon", the dishes are all round, such as cherry tomatoes, dumplings, oyaki, grapes, crackers, marshmallows, and eggs, with the motif of the moon. The toast is, of course, Yona Yona Ale. Unfortunately, it was raining and the moon was hidden on the day of the event, but it was a great success with many people attending.
It was a day that reaffirmed my gratitude to the staff who were involved in the relocation, the open desk, the people who participated in the party, and the people who supported me.

blackboard I asked for a message on the blackboard in the meeting room instead of writing in the book.

Greeting Greetings and a slideshow of recent works.

venue It was raining that day, but thank you for coming.

open desk The people at Open Desk who helped create this office.

Oyaki All the dishes are round in connection with the moon.

Mitarashi dumpling


Cape of the Moon