SATOH Hirotaka Architects

Plum Blossoms under Snow


  • date : 02.2009


Fritz Hansen held an exhibition on 2007, celebrating the revival of SPIN chair in Japan. We designed the covering for the chair. The title “plum Blossomss under the snow” is the name of one color of the Japanese traditional colors. The plum Blossoms covered with snow in winter, reminds one of coming of the spring. The frozen plum makes one feel the strength and warmth that it holds. In order to express the layers of snow and the crimson color, we wrapped the dark brown fabric with four soft thin laces. The nature beauty and the feelings toward it are expressed in the colors. This is the spirit of the Japanese aesthetic culture continued from Heian period. We thought it is an appropriate concept for revival of SPIN in Japan.

Plum Blossoms under Snow