SATOH Hirotaka Architects

The Smallest House


  • building site : Tokyo Japan
  • principal use : residence
  • site area : 37.71m2
  • building area : 25.83m2
  • total floor area : 122.59m2
  • structure : RC
  • completion date : 06.2006
  • structure design :
  • Alpha Structural Design Office
  • contractor : Sobi


The site area is 37.7 m2, the footprint 26m2. It is a five-story building, a house proper to call “The The Smallest”. The composition of the space is simple with no waste. All the rooms are located on the east side, facing the street. The elevator and the stairs are on the west side. In order to make the maximum use of this minimum space, the staircase is covered with glass. In this way one can look through the space stretched from east to west.
All the elements of the house are kept as few as possible; the partitions are compact and the finishing material is exposed concrete. The kitchen is also kept small. The washing counter is floating on the floor, in order to create a visual openness. All extra elements are excluded from the design. In the space in which there is no object that obstacles the view, the stairs are exposed as an emphasizing element.

The Smallest House
The Smallest House
The Smallest House
The Smallest House