SATOH Hirotaka Architects

Office along Kanda river


  • Building site : Kanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo JAPAN
  • Building type : Office
  • Structure : Renovation
  • Site area : 169.72 sqm
  • Building area : 140.37 sqm
  • Total floor area : 1031.22 sqm
  • Completion date : 08.2012
  • Architectural design : SATOH Hirotaka Architects
  • Constructor : Shimizu BLC Co


This is a renovation project of the 32 years old building. We renovated building façade material and entrance interior.

We adopted the tile pattern made of mat finished tiles and gloss finished ones inspired by mesh pattern. We created an extensive entrance with both mirrors covering the surface of columns and beams and vertical louvers.

River Side Ofice
River Side Ofice
River Side Ofice