SATOH Hirotaka Architects

Otsuma Women’s University Student Dormitory


  • Building site : Shinjuku Tokyo JAPAN
  • Building type : Student Dormitory
  • Structure : Reinforced concrete 6 stories and 1 basement
  • Site area : 3467.23 sqm
  • Building area : 1,948.39 sqm
  • Total floor area : 9,458.39 sqm
  • Completion date : 02.2015
  • Architectural design : SATOH Hirotaka Architects, Maeda Corporation
  • Landscape design : mindscape
  • Lighting design : sola associate
  • Constructor : Maeda Corporation
  • Developer : Delta Capital Imvestment
  • Dorm operation : GSE Japan


This is the Otsuma Women’s University student dormitory that will be constructed at the site at which a Japanese scholar Kunio Yanagita’s mansion was. Our team's presentation was elected at a comprehensive management proposal competition method in design, construction, dormitory operation.

Its total floor area is 9,400 sqm and it is a reinforced concrete building that has 6-stories and 1 basement. There are 270 rooms: 253 single-rooms and 17 share-rooms for 6 students.

We proposed not only a best management method of dormitory but also spatial design based on the design concept: “A life space for enjoying and learning”.

The core strategy of the concept is an adoption of “a sharing place” We designed the location of "share places" in circulation such as corridors, which users go through.

The sharing place promotes conversation among users as it locates in a circulation. As a result, the place becomes not only a place for various education programs but also a place to improve communication ability for users to become a member of society.

The north walls of this building set back step by step from three-stories to six-stories on the front road. The building form decreases dramatically spatial oppressive feeling toward its neighborhoods. It has a variety of trees and plans in the site. Users can feel nature and seasons not only outside such as courtyards and front road but also inside because the building surrounds the four gardens.