SATOH Hirotaka Architects

Mita-Tsunamachi Park Mansion


  • Building site : Mita Minato-ku Tokyo JAPAN
  • Building type : Residence
  • Structure : Renovation
  • Site area : 8810.23 sqm
  • Renovate floor area : 121.36 sqm
  • Architectural design : SATOH Hirotaka Architects
  • Constructor : HONMA Corporation


  • 22th SPACE Design Competition


This is an interior renovation of the vintage condominium in Minato-ku, Tokyo. This is the first residential high rise building after “Kasumigaseki building” of the 1971 completion. It has a beautiful plan layout forming simple and systematic Chinese character “田”. The reversed beams are concealed under the floor. It was amazing plan in spite of the first residential tower. The design team was same as “Kasumigaseki building”.

The greatest characteristic is a large opening of the corner dwelling house and we thought of the way to use it for interior design. Rearrangement of the location of kitchen and bathroom made it possible to feel sunlight at the entrance through glass blocks. We installed half size glass blocks between standard size glass blocks in the glass block pattern not to make a monotonous glass block wall.

Mirrors on the surface of columns and the wall at the dead end of a corridor enhances spaciousness and sequence of room. We did not reuse an existing curtain boxes and hung blinds from the ceiling to reduce oppression of hanging walls. We replaced an existing kitchen with new island kitchen and created 66 sqm open wide living room.

A wall finishing material at a living room and corridor is Italian stucco, and a ceiling and wall finishing material in kids-room is eco-friendly “burnt shell plaster”. We used solid walnut material for furniture and pursued sharpness and solid texture made from combination of COR-TEN and walnut.

Facility system is very old in this kind of vintage condominium in many cases. This project is also required to use water-cooled chiller type air conditioning system. In that case, an operating costs is going to be very high. As a result, we adopted experimentally an underground heat pump system working with single-phase power and used the method reusing heat generated from a cooling tower instead of geothermal energy. This is very unique system. In addition, this house equips hot water floor heating system.

We adopted high quality thermal insulation to increase air conditioning efficiency. We reused existing window sash and replaced existing single glass by vacuum glass to improve heat load made by large windows. As a result, the spacious room is not spoiled.

This house is the corner room at south west. We used transparent vacuum glass to gain sunlight in winter because a balcony shuts out the direct sunlight from the south in summer. On the other hand, we used high reflective vacuum glass to protect inside from western sunlight. For that reason, it is warm by the sunlight in winter and cool by the wind going through in summer. The living environment always became comfortable.

The red wood material of a bed board and shoes boxes is a rare plywood that made of sliced wood skins and it also had been used for existing shoes boxes. We recycled expensive material such as marble as much as possible. We can say that this is “the renovation project by only architects” because of including recycling old material and energy efficient proposal.

Mita-Tsunamachi Park Mansion day
Mita-Tsunamachi Park Mansion evening
Mita-Tsunamachi Park Mansion night
Mita-Tsunamachi Park Mansion night2
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Mita-Tsunamachi Park Mansion kitchen
Mita-Tsunamachi Park Mansion entrance
Mita-Tsunamachi Park Mansion WC
Mita-Tsunamachi Park Mansion sanitary