SATOH Hirotaka Architects

Light well house


  • Building site : Takanawa, Minato-ku, Tokyo JAPAN
  • Building type : Residence
  • Structure : Wood structure 3 stories
  • Site area : 67.49 sqm
  • Building area : 40.12 sqm
  • Total floor area : 101.27 sqm
  • Completion date : 12.2011
  • Architectural design: SATOH Hirotaka Architects
  • Structural engineer : Hirotsugu Tsuboi Structural Engineers
  • Contractor : Enaka Construction
  • Photo : SATOH Hirotaka


This is a three-stories wooden single-family house in a small spot in an urban area. We adopted a top light and clearstories to gain sunlight efficiently because the site is in high-density residential areas in which the distance among houses is only 60 cm.

There is a steel stair and a glass staircase room at the center of the house. It connects the first floor and second floor spatially and the spatial sequence creates conversation among family members. The sight extends from the entrance hall, through the glass staircase, the living room on the second floor and top light, to north sky.

The sequence between an entrance hall and a living room is more enhanced by a ground floor ceiling height that is 1900mm, and it is heightening sense of space.

There is a bright and spacious “LDK" on the second floor. A sloped continual ceiling goes through second floor and third floor. The sunlight from clearstories of a loft space on the third floor reaches into a living room along by a sloped continual ceiling. The library on the third is filled with homogeneous light spreading out on a sloped ceiling.

Lightwell house
Lightwell house
Lightwell house
Lightwell house
Lightwell house
Lightwell house