SATOH Hirotaka Architects



  • building site : Tokyo Japan
  • principal use : showroom
  • building area : 126.69m2
  • total floor area : 905.03m2
  • structure : PC structure
  • design date : 03.2008


*Harmony between architecture and the site/ Harmony with the Zelkova rows of trees of Omotesando
Leaves are design motif for this building. However they are not ornaments, they are the structural body of the building, while characterizing the interior space. This kind of rational design with no waste makes new values for architecture that doesn’t become unfashionable by the passage of time.
*Structural design
The Pre-Cast concrete leaves are made in factory. Each leaf consists of two PC parts. Comparing to steel structure, PC structure is more fire and earthquake resistant. Using PC also shortens the construction period. The life span of a PC structure is longer and the life cycle cost is lower.
By designing the structure body on the outer part of the building and using flat slab, we realized a flexible space with no pillars or beams. The plans are kept simple, to avoid any loss of space.