SATOH Hirotaka Architects

Outdoor stairs House


  • building site : Tokyo Japan
  • principal use : residence
  • site area : 108.09m2
  • building area : 42.07m2
  • total floor area : 70.86m2
  • structure : RC
  • completion date : 07.2003
  • structure design : Round table
  • contractor : Miyaken Housing


There are no stairs or corridors inside this house. The site has a flag poled-like shape, surrounded by houses on its borders. It is a house for a family of five, with 40% building coverage ratio. In order to make best use of these strict conditions of the site, to create the largest residing space and to make an excellent environment, the most rational composition for the house was chosen. The inner space includes only rooms. All the corridors, stairs and non-residing spaces are located outside, not included in floor area and site coverage ratio.
The family has to go outside every time moving from one room to the other. However one can have a look through the whole house from the stairs, feeling the existence of the others.
Every individual space is independent from the other, at the same time the whole family is connected. A concrete wall surrounds the whole space, which contains this family relationship.

Outdoor stairs House
Outdoor stairs House
Outdoor stairs House
Outdoor stairs House
Outdoor stairs House