SATOH Hirotaka Architects

DEUXFLE b.a.s.e Seijo


  • Building site : Setagaya Tokyo JAPAN
  • Building type : Condorminium
  • Structure : Reinforced concrete 3 stories and 1 basement
  • Site area : 1,011.20 sqm
  • Building area : 382.35 sqm
  • Total floor area : 1,309.04 sqm
  • Completion date : 08.2014
  • Architectural design: SATOH Hirotaka Architects
  • Structural engineer : LOW FAT structure
  • Mechanical engineer: Tetens Consulting Engineering Co.
  • Landscape design : mind scape
  • Contractor : TADA Kensetsu
  • Developer: Suggest Co.
  • Photo : (1-5)SATOH Hirotaka (6〜9)second wind


  • 2015 Good Design Award
  • 2015 5th excellent business awards


This is the second project of DEUXFLE b.a.s.e series that we designed in Minami Azabu area. The goal is to provide a high real estate value on the land that was not developed by various regulations and conditions.

The site is in Seijo, Setagaya district that is a quiet residential area in Tokyo. This area also has severe regulations in terms of building height and greening. It was hard to build a condominium because the development plan was going to be inefficient in the site. Therefore, we proposed not a condominium but a multiple layered row house that can use up maximum floor ratio of the site by utilizing basement space. A module is the 4 layers row house composed of two maisonette dwelling houses. Reinforced concrete wall structural system provides an spacious room with no columns and beams and it gives comfortable and good living environment users under ceiling height limitation.

The density and efficient dwelling unit layout saves enough space between this site and neighborhoods compared to single-family house development and it brings excellent living environment not only for users but also for neighbors.

This project creates new real estate value and excellent living environment and we believe it will contribute to the improvement of urban environment. We think this project developed the land that was not developed by regulations and conditions and provided excellent living environment.

DEUXFLE b.a.s.e Seijo
DEUXFLE b.a.s.e Seijo
DEUXFLE b.a.s.e Seijo
DEUXFLE b.a.s.e Seijo
DEUXFLE b.a.s.e Seijo
DEUXFLE b.a.s.e Seijo
DEUXFLE b.a.s.e Seijo
DEUXFLE b.a.s.e Seijo
DEUXFLE b.a.s.e Seijo