SATOH Hirotaka Architects

Cottage in Kiyosato


  • building site : Yamanashi Japan
  • principal use : Cottage
  • building area : 32.00m2
  • total floor area : 32.00m2
  • structure : wood structure
  • completion date : 08.2005
  • structure design : MI+D


The site of this cottage is on the hills close to Kyosato plateau. The site faces south with a view on four directions to Fuji Mountain, North Alps and Yatsugatake Mountains. The whole architecture consists of 12 prefabricated insulated panels. The panels will be put in together on the site; triangular parts will be inserted into the panel joints, while adjusting the angle.
The structure is of 105mm wood-core sandwiched between two structural plywood panels. The inside of the panels is filled with heat insulators, making the panels airtight. The outer skin is waterproof coated. There is no distinction between walls and the roof. All windows are fixed. Ventilation openings have the same finishing as the wall.

Cottage in Kiyosato
Cottage in Kiyosato
Cottage in Kiyosato
Cottage in Kiyosato