From carpet speakers to SYRINX

It wasn't until I got my hands on the Crypton KS-1 HQM that I first became interested in high definition sound.
As a speaker for PC, it has a built-in DAC, and compared to other high-end speakers, I was satisfied with its outstanding delicacy and good balance.

However, when I happened to create carpet speakers, I experienced a different level of resolution and three-dimensional sound than conventional speakers, including the KS-1 HQM, and I couldn't go back. In particular, it seems impossible to achieve a different dimension of transparency when playing classical music, etc., with a box-shaped speaker.

A carpet speaker without resonance is an epoch-making invention that achieves clear sound that surpasses conventional concepts. However, despite its excellent sound quality, the volume of bass is a problem, and even if you search on the Internet, you can see many similar evaluations.

So, after repeated verification, I realized that the fundamental reason for the weak bass of carpet speakers was not the problem of boosting the bass, but the antiphase sound. In the first place, soft materials, including carpets, are light and allow a considerable amount of sound to pass through. Sound leaks from the sides only by wrapping the carpet. In addition, since the unit is placed directly on the carpet, the reverse phase sound leaks through the gap. In particular, low frequencies are difficult to absorb and are easily diffracted, so they cancel out the sound of the unit and become weaker. Leakage of sound can also cause muddy sound.

The goal of SYRINX was to solve this carpet speaker problem and create better sound than any existing speaker.

What helped me was my knowledge of architecture. A soundproof room is first surrounded by sound insulation materials that do not resonate, and sound absorbing materials are pasted on the inside. By doing this, the sound is reflected inside without leaking, and the sound absorbing material prevents reverberation.
SYRINX skin enclosures have the same structure. Resonant-free, flexible sound insulation that prevents sound transmission. The sound reflected inside is quickly absorbed, and even the sound that cannot be absorbed has almost no effect because the flexible enclosure does not generate sound.

At the same time, we carefully took measures to prevent sound leakage from the mounting surface.

With these patented technologies, SYRINX reproduces sound that transcends the concept of conventional speakers.
I don't think there has ever been a speaker that eliminates "negative phase sound," "reverberation," "resonance," and "resonance" to this extent.
The result is the ultimate speaker that accurately reproduces audio signals without any extraneous noise.