Domain changed to

This time, the domain that has been used for 10 years since its founding
from the new
I changed the domain to the address of this website
becomes. The part after the @ in the email address will be changed to
(You can still use your old email address.)
"" can be registered as a corporate domain by "a company registered in Japan" and is used by 98% of listed companies.

What is synapse


Synapse Synapse = Syn (together) + aps apse (apiros = things apart)


There are a huge number of nerve cells (neurons) in the brain, said to be 100 billion, and these nerve cells exchange information with each other to process a huge amount of information from the outside world or the internal world such as internal organs. I'm here. These nerve cells communicate with each other to form circuits. The special structure of connections between neurons is called a synapse.
We have adopted this name for the domain as a model of the organizational structure that we aim to create new value.