"Slit" Open House

This time, " Slit ", designed and supervised by our company in Murakami City, Niigata Prefecture, has been completed. Due to the kindness of the owner, we have decided to hold an open house.
This house has a gable shape by gathering small boxes. Each box is your personal space, and the outside of the box provides more space for your family. The roof is segmented for each box, and the light that changes every moment shines through the slits.
Date: December 5, 2009 (Sat) 13:30-17:30
Location: Shiono-cho, Murakami City, Niigata Prefecture Use: Residential Scale: Wooden 2nd floor

Detailed information is available only for prospective visitors.
If you are interested, please contact us at webmaster@synapse-net.jp .
We will send you a return map, etc.