Website renewal

Today, we have completed the migration of the contents of the old website to the new system.

The old system has been in use for about 17 years since 2005. It is an excellent system that is light, flexible, and easy to customize, and has been the core of our site for a long time. However, it is undeniable that there is a lack of functions to realize what we want to develop in the future.

The new system is also used by the leather brand SYRINX . It may be the first case that a design office adopts it.

You may wonder why it's the same as e-commerce, but we adopted it in anticipation of unification of operations, adoption of the latest technology, and future business development potential.
Functionally, it is also possible to install a 3D AR model on the project page, and various possibilities will expand in the future.

We will continue to devote ourselves to the future, so please continue to support us.

Also, the old newsletter will be discontinued.
We apologize for the inconvenience, but we would appreciate it if you could register for the newsletter again.