ContractWorld.award 2010 field report

At ContractWorld.award 2010 (Germany), we presented two works, Tokyo Great Visual and Machiya Office , and Tokyo Great Visual won the New Face Award in the office category.
ContractWorld.award is one of Europe's leading interior design international awards held in Germany.This year marks its 10th anniversary, and there were 623 projects submitted from 34 countries.

I will tell you how the day went.

contractworld2010 The International Trade Fair in Hannover, which was the venue, is the world's largest trade fair, and the exhibition hall alone boasts an area about 10 times that of Makuhari Messe. ContractWorld is held as part of the trade fair DOMOTEX. This photo is one of the multiple entrances.

contractworld2010 There are 27 holes and ContractWorld used hole 4.

contractworld2010 Inside view.
Mr. Shigeru Ban, Mr. Takaharu Tezuka, Mr. Sou Fujimoto gave a lecture, Mr. Ryo Matsui gave a presentation ceremony, and Mr. Ryuichi Ashizawa and Mr. Shuichiro Yoshida were candidates for the Newcomer Award. I am attending an event. Of course, prominent architects and designers from other countries are also invited.

contractworld2010 Presentations were held at the Hirayama Denki Shokai head office building in the morning and at the TGV in the afternoon.

contractworld2010 Q&A (in English) was assisted by Takaharu Tezuka.
Thank you very much.

contractworld2010 Having successfully completed the presentation, I am taking a break with Mr. Takaharu Tezuka and Mr. Ryo Matsui, winner of the shop category, in the VIP corner.

contractworld2010 After public judging, the winners of "New Generation" will be announced.

contractworld2010 In all with the nominated speakers and judges.
I felt that having the opportunity to make a presentation during the judging process was extremely important in conveying the concept.
As a result, I am very honored to have received high praise in Germany, which is far from Japan.
I was also supported by many people at the venue. After receiving the award, many people congratulated me and I am full of gratitude.

contract world awards 2010