About our data disaster countermeasures

As part of our disaster countermeasures, we have moved all of our project data to the cloud.
In the unlikely event that you encounter a theft or disaster, in the worst case, data loss will cause business to stop, and you will not only suffer huge economic losses, but you will also lose social credibility. In some cases, business continuity may become difficult.
Hardware and software can be recovered by replacing them with new ones. However, once data is destroyed, it is difficult to recover, resulting in the loss of a vital asset. How a company protects this valuable data is extremely important.
We back up all data in real time to overseas data centers, from projects that have already been completed to projects that are currently in progress.
In addition, all file update histories and deleted files are backed up, so even data lost due to human error can be recovered at any time.
We will continue to strive to improve the reliability of our work environment.