SATOH Hirotaka Architects

5 layers house


  • Building site : Nagareyama-shi, Chiba JAPAN
  • Building type : Residence
  • Structure : Wood structure 2 stories
  • Site area : 120.53 sqm
  • Building area : 43.47 sqm
  • Total floor area : 86.94 sqm
  • Completion date : 11.2012
  • Architectural design: SATOH Hirotaka Architects
  • Structural engineer : RGB Structure, Hirotsugu Tsuboi Structural Engineers
  • Contractor : MOA+
  • Photo : SATOH Hirotaka


This is a two-stories wood single-family house project, which is composed of five layers slabs. We designed comfortable well-hole, usable under-floor storage, a loft space and terrace with different height slabs.

Ambiguous boundaries among each floor generate a spatial sequence through every floor and expansive space.

We adopted a burnt cedar that is one of the Japanese traditional building materials on the vertical siding wall. It has protection against insects, preservative efficacy, and high resistance to fire itself because of the carbonized surface layer. It enhances the effectiveness more that we utilized non-brushed burnt cedar vertical sidings. It is not affected very much by color fade-out due to aging compared to brushed ones and the natural faded texture is very beautiful.

A floor heating system gains energy source from the heat pump system. This system works with midnight power service and stores heat in the building foundation A heat pump system works three times as efficiently as a heating element. In addition, it saves electricity cost by working with midnight power services. It works on whole first floor from the entrance to the bathroom and it gives a comfortable living space. It works as a subsidiary cooling system in summer by circulating cool water as well.