SATOH Hirotaka Architects

15 smalls


  • Building site : Whitehaven, UK
  • Building type: Complex facility (condominium, office, retail)
  • Structure : RC
  • Gloss floor area: 11,000 sqm
  • esign proposal: SATOH Hirotaka Architects


This is the condominium design proposal for a design competition hold in Whitehaven, UK.

The site locates between town and ocean. We came up with the design concepts from this unique site location. The design theme turned to create not the architecture contrasting between the land and the ocean that but one harmonizing them.

The building surface consists of individual building volumes that were cut out 15 volumes from one building. The building was divided in some building volumes. As a result it does not give any feeling of oppressive to neighborhoods. Rather the building scale harmonizes with neighborhood building ones. The building design took the view of the ocean as much as possible, at the same time it was designed in consideration of the views of hills and town.

The building has inside corridors of three-floor and six-floor for maisonette dwelling houses and does not have outside corridor. Therefore, not only a living room but also all rooms can gain outside fresh air directly without passing a corridor and each room has great views and privacy.